Waste-Reducing Label Printing Solutions

Reduce your waste with our linerless label printing solution. Our labels come with no backer, meaning reduced waste, quicker labelling and a safer, greener working environment.

Faster fulfilment

Reduced waste

Improved safety

Improved efficiency

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"Moving to linerless label printing has enabled a cleaner, slicker, despatch environment, as well as providing a significant environmental benefit by eradicating waste to landfill."

~ Leading Online Retailer

A One Stop Solution

From printers and label supplies to software and service support, LinerlessUK are the expert providers of end-to-end linerless print and label solutions.

Still wasting time removing liner from your labels?

Linerless labels are a continuous roll of label material. The printer can print any length required without stopping the printer to change the roll, it automatically cuts the label to the required length.

With no backing paper, there is no industrial waste to be cleared away or disposed of.

The traditional labelling process contributes tonnes to landfill waste and slows down operations with unnecessary steps.

This pioneering solution eliminates the wasteful backer liner, paving the way for a greener, faster, and more cost-effective labelling system.

BPA and BPS free

FSC certified

Latex-free adhesive

Pre-tested material for optimal printhead life

Good scratch and smear resistence

This solution is perfect for...

Transport and Logistics

Quick Service and Takeaway

Food and Beverages

E-Commerce and Retail

“Linerless Printing has transformed our operation. It’s faster, more cost-effective, and we've eradicated waste to landfill.”

~ Head of Operations, Leading Online Retailer

The benefits of going Linerless.

With Linerless, you'll experience more labels per roll, reduced storage needs, and considerable cost savings, all while championing a greener future for your business.


The most eco-friendly print solution for your business.


No liner to dispose of, leading to faster fulfilment.


Save on costs with more labels per roll and reduced storage space.


Eliminate waste to landfill entirely.

Join our fight against landfill waste.

From product packaging to the entire supply chain, every step impacts our environment. By removing liner waste from your process, the environmental footprint shrinks massively.

Prevent 1.82 tonnes of liner from landfill. Offset a CO2 equivalent to planting 150 trees.

~ Based on a usage of 2 million 4” wide x 6” deep shipping labels per year.

Our Print Solutions.

Our range of printing solutions, from industrial to mobile, combines cutting-edge technology with sustainability, ensuring you get top-tier performance without compromising on environmental responsibility.

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Linerless labels

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Ready to make a difference?

With experience of over 30 years in print solutions, we work with clients across multiple markets in the UK and Europe including Retail and E-Commerce, Transport and Logistics, Food and Hospitality.

Our strategy is to use our expertise and innovation in print solutions to enable our customers to achieve the best possible sustainable performance in their business.

Faster fulfilment

Easy to use

Reduced waste

Improved safety

Increased efficiency

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